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Towards achieving an empowered and self-reliant small-scale farmer - especially women

Eastern and Southern Africa Small-scale Farmers’ Forum (ESAFF) was formed in an effort to create a Forum to bring together small scale farmers into a social movement to influence for favourable agriculture policies and practices at
global, continental, regional, national and local levels.


Since formulation, ESAFF Uganda has become the largest small-scale farmer-led advocacy movement in Uganda with a membership of 12588 small-scale farmer community organisations in 54 districts.


ESAFF Uganda is also part of a bigger network of small scale farmers in the other 15 countries in eastern and southern Africa. ESAFF Uganda is also part of La Via Campesina (LVC) which is the largest peasant organisation in the world.

We are the largest small-scale farmer-led policy influencing movement in Uganda

Our Programs

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Building a strong Small-scale Farmer-led Policy Influencing Movement


Protecting and Promoting Food and Seed Sovereignty


Creating opportunities for Economic Empowerment of small-scale farmers especially women


Influencing public and private sector financing in the Agriculture Sector for Agroecology

Latest News


The Agroecology Business Hub is an innovation by ESAFF Uganda to support small-scale farmer-led agroecological businesses and make a case for the profitability of agroecology.

The Agroecology Business Hub is designed to support all the business ideas and practices that small-scale farmers engage in to improve their improve their livelihoods by ensuring sustainable investments and supporting the establishment of profitable small-scale farmer-led enterprises.

In this video, we explain the Agroecology Business Hub. The Hub focuses on addressing three main challenges: lack of business development capacity, limited access to affordable credit and unfavorable markets. 

To support or learn more about the Agroecology Business Hub, please write to

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Telephone: +256-393-347195

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"Amplifying small-scale farmers’ voices in policy processes" - especially women
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