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  • Nancy Mugimba

Desert Locusts: Small Scale Farmers on High Alert!

The Government of Uganda has confirmed that the desert locusts have crossed the boundaries of Uganda and are currently in Amudat district. We are in close contact with our partners in the Karamoja region who are giving us updates of the situation on the ground.

Since November last year, ESAFF Uganda has been tracking the movement and the impact of the Desert Locusts in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya and gathered data in preparedness in case of an invasion in Uganda. We thank the Government of Uganda for the prompt actions they have taken to control and try to mitigate the invasion of the Desert Locusts.

ESAFF Uganda has urged all members mostly those in the greater Northern Region to be on high alert. District Executive Committees are also closely monitoring progress in the region. We are sharing information about the Desert Locusts with small-scale farmers. This is information that we have gathered from the Government of Uganda especially the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries. We are currently studying the crops that are mostly eaten by the Desert Locust. The Board of Directors has tasked the Secretariat to continue keeping track of the development around the movement of the Desert Locusts. ESAFF Uganda will continue sharing progress and later on the impact reports.

ESAFF Uganda has secured radio airtime on some radio stations in the region to sensitize small-scale farmers and the public as well as prepare them for the likely impact of the Desert Locusts. As well as overcoming the myths around the invasion. We have also produced IECs with the same objective.

We are trusting that the Government of Uganda is doing her best to control the invasion and minimize the impact on food security in the country. The secretariat has put up a team to continue closely monitor actions by Government and partners as well as and reactions from the communities in the infested areas.

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