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  • David Oming

St. Joseph Naama Modern Secondary School Hosts Dynamic World Environment Day Celebration

In Mityana district, Uganda, St. Joseph Naama Modern Secondary School hosted a vibrant World Environment Day celebration, marking a significant milestone with the launch of the Schools Agroecology Poem Writing Competition. Organised by ESAFF Uganda, the event highlighted the importance of agroecology and environmental stewardship through engaging activities and inspiring speeches.

The celebration commenced with a spirited tree-planting ceremony on the school grounds. Students enthusiastically participated, recognising the crucial role trees play in protecting biodiversity. Each sapling planted represented a step towards a greener future, with students displaying a palpable sense of excitement and responsibility.

Adding to the day's excitement, an Agroecology Spelling Competition saw numerous students win prizes. This competition not only tested their spelling skills but also deepened their understanding of sustainable agricultural practices.

Christine Nabwami, Chairperson of ESAFF Mityana, underscored the day's significance in educating the public about pressing environmental challenges. She emphasised that this year's theme, "Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience," aligns perfectly with ESAFF Uganda's duty to promote agroecology as a key strategy for environmental preservation.

Headmaster Tadeo Mulongo expressed his gratitude for the school's selection to host the Agroecology Club. "We believe that the youth are pivotal in championing such initiatives, and we will continue to support them in promoting agroecology," he stated.

The Municipal Inspector of Schools, Muwanga James, highlighted the importance of Agroecology Clubs and pledged technical support to expand these clubs to other schools within the district. His commitment signals a promising future for this initiative.

Poetry Competition Launches with Enthusiasm

The event's highlight was the launch of the second edition of the Schools Agroecology Poem Writing Competition 2024. This annual competition encourages students to express their understanding of agroecology through poetry. Israel Kibalama, president of the Agroecology Club, shared his excitement about the competition, noting how it teaches students to grow crops organically, enhancing both nutrition and environmental protection. He encouraged his peers to take the competition seriously and aim for victory in order to gain recognition for their school and club.

The competition, initiated by ESAFF Uganda in 2023, has significantly improved students' writing skills and their knowledge of sustainable farming practices. Wanenya Esther, a previous winner from Vision High School – Mbale, shared her positive experience, saying, "The competition improved my writing skills and knowledge of agroecology. "I am now more confident in my studies, and I am grateful to ESAFF Uganda for this initiative."

Christine Nabwami encouraged students to approach the competition with urgency and creativity. "Our food system is under threat," she said, urging students to write poems that are both informative and solution-oriented.

Looking Ahead

The 2nd edition of the Schools Agroecology Poem Writing Competition aims to foster a culture of sustainability and ecological stewardship among students and the broader community. David Oming of ESAFF Uganda detailed the competition's structure, which includes school-level, district-level, regional-level, and national-level contests, each designed to highlight the best voices in agroecology.

Through initiatives like the Agroecology Clubs and the Schools Agroecology Poem Writing Competition, ESAFF Uganda is empowering the youth to become champions of sustainability, ensuring a greener and more resilient future for all.



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