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  • Hakim Baliraine

We are a Movement Amplifying Small-scale Farmers' Voices, especially for women in Policy processes.

We are thrilled to share with you our Impact Report for the year 2023, reflecting the incredible strides we've made over the past year. The year has been highlighted with impactful events but also new challenges for the Movement. At the heart of our work lies our unwavering commitment to empowering small-scale farmers and amplifying voices. We acknowledge the dynamic challenges that limit our mobilisation and engagement amidst the shrinking civic space, thereby limiting our participation, voice, and influence in key policy and development processes.

Through the ESAFF Uganda components, we have continued to engage with policymakers at all levels, advocating for policies and programmes that prioritise the needs of small-scale farmers and people in rural areas. From supporting women's land rights through the Land Rights Support Centre to advocating for financing for agroecology under the Agriculture Budget Watch to mobilising the media under the Online Agroecology School for Journalists and Communicators, we have been relentless in our pursuit of a more equitable and inclusive agricultural sector and the economy at large.

During the year 2023, we conducted a membership mapping exercise that indicated a significant growth in membership from 8,535 farmer groups in 2021 to 12,588 farmer groups with 384,354 members, of which 231,915 are women, in 2023. We also registered further demand from many communities and districts to join the largest movement of small-scale farmers in Uganda.

We held our National Annual General Meeting, where a new National Board of Directors was elected to govern the Movement from 2023 to 2026. This was preceded by the district-level Annual General Meetings. We also focused the year on building stronger advocacy groups where small-scale farmer-led policy-influencing structures from the grassroots to the national, regional, and global levels are functional.

We also recorded a remarkable growth in the capacity of small-scale farmers to engage in key national and international deliberations. The year 2023 saw the functionalization of the ESAFF Women Forum and the ESAFF Youth Forum, which are unique structures for women and youth to lead in policy-influencing processes.

In all we undertake, promoting agroecology remains the core; we continue to acknowledge the fact that agroecology is equal to climate justice. As we look to the future, we are filled with optimism and determination to continue amplifying voices and making a meaningful difference in the lives of small-scale farmers,

especially women and youth.

We wish to extend our deepest gratitude to all our friends, partners, and well-wishers who have continuously believed in and supported our work. Your commitment, dedication, and passion for amplifying the voices of small-scale farmers are remarkable. Here's to another year of impact and amplifying the voice of small-scale farmers.


ESAFF Uganda_Impact Report 2023
Download PDF • 4.37MB



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